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1) Download of package:

The whole package is packed into one archival file (does not depend on a platform) . Copy it to itself by clicking under it by the left key of the mouse.

2) Installation of package:

  • place received file in some directory;
  • unarchive them by any available program (unzip, WinZip, ..);
  • new directory will be create;
  • the additional information read in a file README;
  • 3) Subscribe of package:

    If you are interested in receiving information about new versions (release) of package Yzone by email, we encourage you to subscribe of our 'announcement mailing list':

    You may send e-mail to ADDRESS, for:
       1) to subscribe mailing list:   
           Subject     : insert yzone-list
           Message Body: none
       2) to unsubscribe mailing list:   
           Subject     : delete yzone-list
           Message Body: none

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